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london calling to the underworld

london is drowning and i live by the river

no -- there's no place like London
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a multifandom roleplay involving lots of STUFF.
Stuff goes here.
It does.
Stuff like rules.
And character reserves.
Did I mention the shiny application?
And once you're through with all that, you can add your contact information to the list.
Then, scour your friends page with the handy dandy friend add feature. :D
It's a cool place to be.

Based in the unique setting of London, your characters - whomever they may be - are to live here. They can have just moved in. They may be even without a home. They may have a high class flat on Belgrave Avenue. It's all up to you.

There is merely a catch or two. Any character with powers -- super saiyan strength, fireballs, magic, what have you, is merely a regular mortal. They may be some great Wimbledon player, or some poor defense attorney, but still. They are normal, lovely people. Or, not-so-normal, depending on how you look at it. :)

Your friendly mod is Mandii, fantastic and wonderful all around.

Really, I promise.